Vinny Cha$e Chats With Interview Mag + "Hustle" Video Premiere

Interview magazine caught up with Harlem rapper Vinny Cha$e to discuss how he started rapping, his upcoming mixtape "Kings Landing", signing to Epic Records, the Harlem shake and more. Check out an excerpt below:

CHA$E: You'll see a debut album from me at the top of the year. I got to say, it's such a great deal for us, because all being friends in an industry with no friends, it was just amazing to ink a deal as a family, you know. I'm good friends with Aaron Reid, L.A. Reid's son, and he introduced us to his father, who got really excited about us as a whole. The deal ended up being so fair, which is also crazy, because nothing's fair in this industry. I've got to rep that to the end because other labels we went to were just trying to take our talent and pump their own name with it... that's not what we're here for.

Plus, watch the exclusive premiere of his new video "Hustle" ft. Kid Art below:

Read the rest of Vinny's interview HERE.