Tamar Braxton Covers Upscale Magazine

It's gonna be a hot summer! Check out Tamar Braxton on the cover of "Upscale" magazine's July 2014 issue. In the issue the singer/reality star discusses her marriage, side chicks and her "big mouth". Check out an excerpt below...

Everything I post is not personal for me, let's just go there. One of my post I call "Instagram psychics," everybody thinks they know what the hell you're talking about. There was a week where there was a lot of side chick posts on Instagram, and I was saying this is a repost-I don't know how that turned into the blogs saying that Vince is cheating on Tamar. I don't play with that, [laughing].

Check out the rest of dates on her "Love and War" tour below...

June 11th: Atlanta, GA
June 14th: Birmingham, AL
June 16th: Houston, TX
June 17th: Dallas, TX
June 20th: Las Vegas, NV
June 21st: Los Angeles, CA
June 23rd: San Francisco, CA