Sara Bareilles "Brave" Video Premiere!

Do you ever just want to spontaneously break out and dance like no one's watching? Sara Bareilles gets it! Directed by Rashida Jones, the brand new video is charming and inspiring - here's what Sara had to say about it:

"Being brave is a concept I have now spent a lot of time reflecting on and I have come to understand is not always easy, or even well-received. It can be messy and painful, confronting and complicated. But I have also learned that encouraging yourself to make brave choices is some of the most important work I believe we can do. Inch by inch. Bit by bit, it gets easier."

We're totally on board! Now, we wanna see you be brave... check out the brand new video below!

"Brave" is the first single off Sara Bareilles' upcoming album "The Blessed Unrest" which comes out on July 16th, but you can preorder it on iTunes NOW!