Sade releases her “Bring Me Home – Live 2011” DVD/CD

Today, Sade released “Bring Me Home – Live 2011”, which gives fans a unique behind-the-scenes of her critically acclaimed 2011 tour.

“Bring Me Home – Live 2011”, available on Blu-ray, DVD/CD and download, covers Sade’s 54-date 2011 platinum album “Soldier Of Love” tour. Directed by Sophie Muller, the playlist features 22 of Sade’s biggest hits performed live on the visually stunning stage which was nominated by Pollstar for “Most Creative Stage Production” and “2011 Major Tour of the Year Award.”

Sade also gives fans a rare, all access look behind-the-scenes with a 20-minute documentary film shot by Sophie Muller, as well as a technical documentary by Stuart Matthewman, and outtakes from the crew.

Reviewing the tour, the Atlanta Journal Constitution said, “Sade immediately captivated – and for two hours she never let the audience out of her seductive grip.” The The Arizona Republic added, “It was Sade Adu who ruled the day turning a stadium of 90,000 into an intimate little nightclub in broad daylight, bring the crowd to an absolute hush with ‘Is It A Crime.’”

This is definitely a ‘must-have’ for the ultimate Sade fan, so don’t miss out!