New Tunes from Wallpaper. + Music Choice Q&A Today!

Wallpaper. are having a pretty EPIC summer so far! Not only are they on Warped Tour all summer long, but they have been releasing new songs from the new album Ricky Reed Is Real before it's out next Tuesday, 7/23! Be sure to give "Geek Out", "Who Rly Crs" and "Let's Get Away With It" a listen below and tune in to Wallpaper.'s Q&A with Music Choice at 4PM (ET) TODAY!

"The song ['Geek Out'], built upon a pulsing, poppy beat that drops the bass, man, encourages "eeevvveerrryboooddyyy" to dance and have a good time. Of the song, frontman Ricky Reed says it's 'about doing you in the wildest, weirdest sense.' So let's get weird." - "Geek Out" via Noisey

"Enjoy this track! It's SO friggin' good. 'WHO RLY CRS' doesn't simply blur the lines between pop, alt and rock. It redefines them, creating a brand new genre. This feels like a Sunday afternoon song." - "Who Rly Crs" via Artist Direct

"The blend of pop,rap, and a little soul gives the band an ability to appeal to the masses. Their new song 'Lets get away with it' is a great song for the summer; the acoustic guitar and calming lyrics are reminiscent of a song that would be played by the beach or during a camping trip." - "Let's Get Away With It" via Earmilk