Leah LaBelle wows NYC!

In New York City last week, the sexy Leah LaBelle showed the world why L.A. Reid signed her to Epic Records, and why music heavyweights Pharrell Williams and Jermaine Dupri have taken her under their wings.

Over the past year LaBelle has been busy working on her debut album (release date yet to be announced), so she decided to showcase some of her songs to a few hundred music fans at NYC's Tribeca Grand Hotel last week.

L.A. Reid introduced LaBelle to the stage by saying, “She has soul. She has real soul, like real, real bonafide singer soul, like you don't hear. And you especially don't hear this from girls that are so cute.”

As Vh1 reported, “once LaBelle hit the stage, she more than delivered… both in the voice and looks department.” The highlight of the night was when LaBelle performed her new single, “Sexify”, with the video for it containing hilarious cameo appearances by Dupri and Williams - check it out here.

Check Vh1's review and photos from the NYC showcase as well!