Leah LaBelle Sexifies MTV with funny cameos!

We all knew Leah LaBelle was super sexy but her brand spanking new video “Sexify”, which premiered on MTV today, takes it to another level!

The Seattle R&B singer, who signed to Epic Records last year, released “Sexify” in March 2012 as her debut single, which will also feature in her up and coming, yet to be named, debut album.

The music video for "Sexify" shows LaBelle chilling at home on a Saturday night, while taking a bath and ordering some pizzas. The cool video includes two hilarious cameo appearances from Jermaine Dupri – as her landlord, who complains about her playing her music too loud – and Pharrell Williams, as the pizza delivery guy (and who happened to also produce the song)! LaBelle’s close friend, and singer/actress, JoJo also makes an appearance.

And as Pharrell Williams explained, the hot new single was inspired by Cosmopolitan magazine’s coverlines. Pharrell and Leah stopped by Cosmo’s NYC offices and LaBelle belted the song to staff singing lyrics such as ‘Sexify Your Eyes’ from the single (which came from the November 2011 Cosmo cover)!

As a result, Cosmopolitan magazine is offering YOU the chance to download “Sexify” for free here.

And if you want to get sexified, and feel so hanky panky (as the lyrics say!), then be sure to call your favorite radio station and request "Sexify" on a loop.

What do you think of Leah LaBelle’s new single “Sexify”? Hit the comments below and let us know!