King L releases his dope new single “Val Venis”

King L (formerly King Louie) has just released his first single, “Val Venis”, from his upcoming debut album, “Dope & Shrimp.”

It’s been a bit of a journey for the up-and-coming rapper, and not just musically. He’s spent the best part of the past two years recovering from being badly hit by a car. But his resilience has paid off. He now has a new lease on life, a luminous new smile and a record deal with Epic Records!

Complex has already named King L one of the ‘10 New Chicago Rappers To Watch Out For’ reporting how his new single has already “created a small frenzy…which spent days as a Twitter trending topic (in Chicago), prompting the actual pro wrestler Val Venis to contact the rapper.”

They go on to praise King L by saying, “[He] already knows how to craft hooks, pick beats, and inject hilarious ad-libs.” No wonder he received a high profile shout out from Kanye West on Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like (Remix)”! Want to know more about King L? Then be sure to check out Fader’s interview with the rapper right here.

Be sure to get his new single on iTunes, and come back here for more news on when he will release his dope album, because we can’t wait!