Kat Dahlia Talks Vocal Cord Issues With Billboard

Fresh off a photoshoot, Billboard followed Kat on her doctor's visit to discuss being diagnosed with a pseudocyst on her vocal cord. The diagnosis caused the Miami singer to cancel her first U.S. headlining tour and has forced her to only speak when necessary.

"It's like learning to walk a different way," Dahlia says the next day, hours after her first therapy session. "I was starting to feel like I was training to be a monk - you have to be so f-ing quiet for so long."

Dahlia says she'll have to make some basic lifestyle changes as well. "I was going out a lot, not sleeping and not taking care of what my vocal therapist calls 'vocal hygiene,'" she admits. "I'm from a Cuban family, so we're used to talking really loud. You come to a Cuban restaurant anywhere in Miami and we're practically screaming at each other."

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