Ginny Blackmore "Bones" Single (And Bundle) On iTunes

Ginny Blackmore - a singer who writes songs so searing they hit your soul instantly.

Every now and then a song comes along that is so intriguing, it captures the heart of everyone who hears it. “Bones,” the debut single from Ginny Blackmore, is one of those songs. Written in a painful moment of her love life, “Bones” has drastically altered Blackmore’s life, transforming a struggling singer and songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand, into one of our most captivating pop newcomers. "The music is as honest as I could make it," she says. "It's about my perspective on life. I really hope people can hear themselves in it somewhere. That's what I care about."

"Bones" is now available on iTunes along with a 3-song bundle. You can get both right here.