Chris Rene is on a roll!

Last Thursday May 17, Chris Rene performed in front of three thousand screaming fans at the KDWB radio Star Party at Myth. He is clearly establishing himself in the music scene, as the Start Party lineup also included such mega acts as Gym Class Heroes, Calvin Harris, B.O.B, The Wanted and our very own Karmin (see below for a twitpic of Rene with them!).

Rene burst into the music scene when he auditioned for The X Factor last fall, eventually coming third in the competition. From the get go he was a breath of fresh air and grateful to be given a chance after just coming out of rehab. His X Factor mentor, and Epic Records CEO, L.A. Reid was captivated by his raw talent, so he signed Rene to Epic Records soon after the show ended.

His personal anthem, “Young Homie”, has captivated the hearts of fans ever since. “The song is about learning how to be a grown-up,” says Rene. “When you’re young, you feel like there’s no limit, no consequences to your actions. So it’s me talking to my younger self and to all the young brothers out there, telling them that life’s too beautiful to live like that” he adds.

Rene recently released a revamped version of “Young Homie” which “now boasts a fatter beat and smoother groove perfectly suited to Rene’s inspired fusion of hip-hop and soul-pop.” You can also now watch the video for his debut single, “Young Homie”, on VEVO

It was this song that really got the Start Party crowd going, as you can see in this video posted by uber fan, or a Renelian as they call themselves, dangaa1prezzshows. Rene also gave an exclusive interview to KDWB which you can watch here. He thanked his fans for turning up, tweeting “Im Soooo Blessed to Have you Loyal Fanz!!!! Im proud of my RENELIAN FAMILY!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!”

And here’s the pic he posted of Karmin and him!