Cher Lloyd’s intimately fun LA gig

Hot on the heels of her electric New York City showcase performance, popstar, Cher Lloyd, delivered another stunning show last night, this time for her Los Angeles fans. As the line circled the block, in the heart of Hollywood, those who were lucky enough to get in were treated to a set of musical delight.

Singing songs from her up and coming US debut album to be released later in 2012, Cher had the crowd in the palm of her hand from the get go. Fans were singing along to every song including her recently released single “Want U Back.” We even caught a glimpse of Epic Records CEO, L.A. Reid, singing along to Cher’s tunes. After the show he told us, “Wasn’t that a great show? She’s going to be a real star here in the U.S.”
Those present couldn’t have agreed more. Jordan Silver, a fashion marketing manager, told us he was a massive fan of Cher’s because “Her music is fun. She’s interesting and she always looks really cute. She’s different, and I love her!”
Another fan, Leah Henken, a local student, said after the show, “She reminds me of everything that is London. She’s humble but also confident. She’s got an amazing stage presence, and very unique style.” She went on to say, “[Tonight] you could see how much she appreciates her fans and was clearly touched by everyone who’d come out to see her. She’s got an amazing voice and a great attitude on stage.”
Also enjoying the show was last year’s X Factor USA’s winner, Melanie Amaro, who said she was a huge fan of Cher’s! Get to know the artist a little more before then by watching Popdust’s hilarious Magic Box interview.