Ca$h Out Chats With Parle Magazine

Parle magazine got the chance to catch up with Ca$h Out to discuss his success, signing to Epic Records, working with artists such as B.o.B and Wale and more. Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

Parlé: Yeah, I saw that your album is to be released this year. Do you have a release date yet?

Ca$h Out: No set date. Just getting this money and building my fan base up so I can do the right numbers. I’m trying to make one of these tours before the album. There’s no rush, that’s why the album is called Patience. We’re just making Epic money. We’ve got a platinum single. The first urban platinum single on Epic since LA Reid has been in the building. The first gold single and first number one urban single, since LA Reid has been with Epic so we’ve got a lot of accolades before the album drops. So we’re looking good.

Read the entire interview HERE.