“Hello” Good Morning America: Karmin’s new album is out tomorrow!

Karmin’s brand spanking new album, “Hello”, comes out tomorrow Tuesday, May 8 and the talented duo have a busy schedule ahead of them, not least when they perform live tomorrow on Good Morning America on ABC.

Once you’ve heard their new album you’ll be “Walking On The Moon”, just as millions of people have been after listening to their first single, “Brokenhearted”, which they performed on Saturday Night Live!

Don’t let us say “I Told You So” when all your friends are talking about this awesome new album, and you’re out of the loop…“I'm Just Sayin'”!

Well, those are some of the song titles from their album, which also includes songs such as “Too Many Fish”, “Coming Up Strong” and, of course, “Hello”.

When describing the sound of “Hello”, the album, Karmin told PopCrush: “we took from a lot of different influences when we were writing it, but it’s definitely very hip-hop influenced — like big drums up front.”

They went on to say: “Everything kind of has a strong hip-hop vibe, you know, very strong pop forces and then usually a lot of rap in the verse or in the bridge. We just kind of wanted to sonically grab your attention.”

And you can get to know all of their songs intimately by checking out their lyric videos on VEVO – read here for more details.

You can also catch Karmin on Live With Kelly on ABC this Wednesday, May 9 – and then on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on NBC next Monday, May 14.

Finally, if you want to see Karmin up close and personal, and live in NYC area, enter to win a chance to see them perform at the oh so exclusive Steve Madden Music Summer Series event on Wednesday, May 9.